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Anna Paulina Luna will face incumbent Democrat Charlie Crist in battle for District 13 seat

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Cristopher Lopez vs. Hector Colin, Juarez vs. Luna

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Relation between vitamin D insufficiency, bone density, and bone metabolism in healthy postmenopausal women

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They play an important part in the administration of justice and are called upon to discharge their duties with integrity, reasonable dispatch, due care and circumspection.

  • As officers of the court, they must discharge their duties with great care and diligence.

  • DeLuna, this was the ultimate miscarriage of justice.

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The fight against capital punishment The Phantom will be released nationally on July 2, which also marks the 45th anniversary of Gregg v.

  • Claude Jones left was convicted of murder on a single piece of evidence that did not belong to him.

  • He asked a private investigator to spend one day — just one day — looking for signs of the elusive Carlos Hernandez.