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Died, July 29, 1974, 45 years ago today: Cass Elliot

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Michelle Phillips: The Mamas And The Papas' Accidental Star

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Mama Cass Comes To Life In This Graphic Novel

A woman ought to have the right to decide what to reveal, and what not to reveal, of her body.

  • Nobody knows whatever happened to Pic Dawson.

  • The Sex Change Band reunited in 1993 for an East coast tour.

Mama Cass Comes To Life In This Graphic Novel

They found international fame a year later with California Dreamin' - the song Phillips wrote in New York to soothe his wife's homesickness - and went on to have 11 consecutive Top Ten singles in the American charts.

  • Elliot died in her sleep at the London flat where she was staying because of heart failure, at the age of 32.

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