Brent and katelyn - VIDEO: Howard and the Stern Show Staff Relive Brent Hatley Swinging

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VIDEO: Brent Hatley Admits He and Katelyn's Recent Swinging 'Experiment' Went Too Far

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Katelynn Hatley: Large and in charge.

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I’m totally lost about the Katelyn and Brent thing : howardstern

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Brent Hatley Living a Lavish Lifestyle With His Wife, Katelyn Hatley

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Katelynn Hatley: Large and in charge.

The contents of their sexual activities are too graphic, which is why you can read it all here.

  • Now married for a few years, the pair has not made any announcements about starting a family.

  • Therefore, Brent surely has a fantastic career in the radio industry.

Brent and Katelyn Hatley Doubtfire Face Challenge. : methmetalandbbc


  • Things progressed quickly as a result of time limits, Brent explained.

  • I thought we were just going to get Blue Bowl and sit on the beach and maybe take a few pictures.